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What Our Satisfied Clients Say

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"Katsa is also my little helper and my side kick; she makes the day very special.  No worries on the second kitten and he will come to me when the time is right..  I know that you have a list of others before us and respect this as I totally put a BIG SURPRISE to you when I decided on a second baby—  we are just so happy to be part of the list you have and so happy and blessed that we get another baby from YOU!!!!!!! "

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"I bought my little Boo from you July of 2013 and I just wanted to give you a nice update! She is sooo lovey and I adore her more than life itself. She likes to wake me up in the morning and she loves to scoop her food onto the ground and eat it that way. Ha ha. I just wanted to say that she is such a goof ball and I enjoy every waking moment with her! Here are some pictures of her."

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"I just wanted to let you know we took Webster for his second shot and checkup yesterday. Everyone at my vet fell in love with him! He's doing very well and already weighs 3.5 pounds. What a little cuddle buddy he is. He spends most evenings on my lap (when he isn't exploring). Anyway, he's doing great. Thanks for such a healthy sweet kitty!"

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Jason, how are you? Just wanted to tell you that Sherlock was so good during the whole trip to California. He just sat between my husband and myself the whole time. He either slept or looked at the scenery outside. We didn't have to put him in his carrier. We stopped twice overnight at motels along the way, no problem with Sherlock at all. He'll meet the whole family tomorrow when we have our St Patrick dinner."

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"Our baby Olive is loooooong and lean.  She loves cuddles in the morning before she takes off to check out the crows and squirrels in the windows.  A crow comes to the window and so does Olive and they just chatter away before they panic and go their separate ways! Our vet calls her, "her little ferret,"  because she's so long!"


"Hi Jason....Great news on both fronts....I'm glad your son is doing better, I hope they can give you some answers soon. Yes Eric would still like a kitty...I will let him know it may be soon :). Charlie is almost miniature schnauzer size. Him and Sophie play and wrestle all the time, then when Charlie is done he just hops up somewhere she can't reach"

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