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Our Story

Myself (Jason) and My Wife (Candy) have been married since 2004. We share the love for animals and children. Candy is a registered nurse that has come to love the majestic Maine Coon cat since her teens years! Candy. She grew up on a Dairy farm which enabled her to understand the importance of agricultural maintenance. In our search for the most ideal Maine Coon, we found that the original characteristics of the Maine Coon Cat have been preserved under strict rules and regulations in Europe. This journey brought us to open our own cattery - offering Maine Coons to happy families, with the highest standards, and bringing these magnificent felines into homes. From the time they are born, they are introduced to family pets and children, while also settling in a clean and healthy environment. Both my wife and I take pride in grooming, showing, socializing and maintaining healthy cats! It is fulfilling our mission of having our very own breeding line in which we have been selected for the highest health standard. We breed for the love and not for the profits like most commercial breeders do.

Maine Coons,,
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